Mr. Jonathan MIAO (CN)

Jonathan Miao is a senior partner with NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys, which is a leading IP law firm in China. Jonathan has abundant experience in patent prosecution and patent litigation and other patent related contentious matters. Jonathan is now leading a team specialized in providing legal services in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Ms. Shimako KATO (JP)

Ms. Kato is a partner of Abe, Ikubo and Katayama (Patent attorney). She received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Waseda University in 1988. She had a working experience in the Japan Patent Office as a patent examiner and a member of board of Appeal in the field of metal processing and polymer processing (1988-2006). She won a scholarship by the National Personnel Authority to European Patent Office and German Patent Office (1998). She seconded to the Tokyo District Court as a Judicial Research Official (2002-2005). In the IP division at the Tokyo District Court, she provided expert advices on technicality of patent properties to judges when they make judicial decisions of patent infringement cases in the chemical field and of other intellectual property cases. In 2006, she registered as patent attorney and joined Abe Ikubo, and Katayama. She has been mainly involved in patent infringement cases and invalidation trials. She learned German patent litigation practice under Judge Thomas Kühnen in the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf (2013). She joined the faculty of Waseda University for LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law (2018).

Mr. Chongbok YOON (KR)

Chongbok Yoon joined Kim & Chang in 2004 and is a patent attorney in the firm's Chemical Practice Group. He received his BS in Chemistry (1994) and PH.D. in Philosophy-Polymer Chemistry (1999) from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Mr. Yoon was admitted to the Korean Patent Bar in 1998. Before joining the firm he worked at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology as an in-house counsel developing patent strategies, reviewing and prosecuting more than 50 patents, training engineers and staff in Korean patent practices, and evaluating research projects using several techniques such as patent mapping and the IP valuation technique from 2000 to 2004. Mr. Yoon also worked at the Max-Plank Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany as a researcher in polymer chemistry from 1999 to 2000. His practice focuses on a wide range of intellectual property matters in the field of chemistry, including prosecution, actions before KIPO and lower courts, and consultating domestic and foreign companies on IP strategies. He is a member of the Intellectual Property Forum.

Mr. Daniel KIM (KR)

Dr. Daniel Kim is a foreign attorney in the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice focusing on all aspects of IP law. Daniel’s practice covers all aspects of IP law, with a focus on patent prosecution and litigations in various technical areas including pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Daniel Kim has represented multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and other fields in numerous cases to strongly protect the clients’ business. He regularly provides advice on litigation strategies, infringement/non-infringement, validity/invalidity, and freedom-to-operate. Prior to joining Kim & Chang, Daniel practiced at a leading IP firm in Korea and global U.S. law firms, focusing on patent prosecution, enforcement, portfolio management, client counseling, client development and other IP related issues. Dr. Kim has co-authored various publications, and has given lectures/seminars before the audience at universities, private and public companies, research institutions and professional organizations. Daniel is admitted to practice in Washington DC and California and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He received a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Purdue University.

Mr. Ryan POOL (US)

Ryan Pool is a Partner at MWZB who specializes in chemical and life sciences patent prosecution. He is experienced in patent drafting, patent prosecution, and portfolio management. His practice has involved considerable work in the international patent sphere and he has developed expertise in the patent laws of many foreign nations. Mr. Pool is interested in using data to find advantages for is clients to increase both prosecution effectiveness and efficiency. He has authored a number of papers to that end which have published in both US and international patent law industry publications. His most recent academic work tackles the problem of 101 in Biotech and offers novel solutions to clients seeking to protect there inventions in this spaces, particularly diagnostic methods.

Mr. Csaba Henter (US)

Mr. Csaba Henter handles Prosecution of US Domestic and International Utility Patents for over 20 years, including Patent Portfolio Management and Strategy Worldwide, and Provides Opinions and Analysis re: Patentability, Infringement, Validity, Freedom-to-Operate and Due Diligence in the Chemical, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Art Areas. Prepared several petitions for IPRs and PGRs, which cases settled early, and appealed several cases to the Federal Circuit. Technical educational background in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering as well as Environmental and Agricultural Engineering.